What is Struqtures

struqtures® helps you decide and take action on what matters most to customer focus, performance and employee engagement

struqtures® is the bridge between strategy and results. It is a method, a toolbox and an online platform used by managers, HR professionals and consultants to help business units make good decisions and take fast action on the things that matter most.

 The survey cuts through beliefs and opinions, and point out the real paint points.

We get to the core of our challenges fast and in a very structured way.

It brings us somewhere else. It brings us immediately to what really matters.

Thomas, Consultancy Director

Identify where and how to start to get maximum impact

The struqtures® framework is used to focus structured conversations about an organisation or a business unit. It helps managers and employees identify the specific areas, where they should prioritise their efforts to get most effect on customer focus, performance and employee engagement.

Our digital platform is the engine that - by means of bias-reducing surveys - provides the organisation with a shared language and enables a rich, holistic screening of what matters most to the organisation.

struqtures® is designed upon research and knowledge that the longterm viability and profitability of organisations – across industries, maturity and form - depend on the organisation's ability to remove the internal barriers that hinder effective execution, healthy client relations and agile changeability.

struqtures® presents the managerial checklist for healthy organisations in a 5x5 matrix with 25 focus areas. This provides a fast overview of the main lead indicatiors for solid performance, that any organisation needs to attend to regularly.  Not all 25 focus areas are equally important all the time, and the survey tool identifies in few hours, what previously took weeks or month to carve out, namely what matters most, right now, to the organisation being examined.

Are you a consultant?


struqtures® offers consultants a flexible framework that can be fully adapted to existing advisory tools and client needs.

The versatile tool allows you to effectively work with clients and produce empowerment, organisational learning and client results in ways, that makes your clients ask for more. 

Are you a manager?

struqtures® provides managers with diagnostic tools and facilitation skills, that drive ownership and viable solutions to persistent problems in your organisation. 

The framework enables you to work with your people in ways that empower them to work like experts on finding better ways of working.

The gateway to taking the right actions fast

struqtures® increases decision accuracy and solution quality when you design your organisation  improvement initiatives.


struqtures® makes organisational complexity manageable without out oversimplifying reality.

Working with struqtures® tools activates the organisation's collective intelligence in ways that foster effective solutions to persistent problems.

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