Get Certified

Get Certified

struqtures® certification and learning programmes will equip you to leverage our powerful organisation review tools to resolve your business problems.

We train you to develop teams and organisations effectively

You may work as a leader or a consultant. You may want to lean a business unit or improve an operating model. You may want to increase productivity or employee engagement at all levels. You may want to increase employee empowerment and increase organisational changeability.

No matter what, the first step is to become struqtures® certified and learn how to find the path of least resistance to new, viable ways of working 


 The certification material is so comprehensive.

It shows me precisely how to work wonders and create value in the organisations, I work with.


Maria, professional facilitator

Ethical and professional use of our tools is crucial to make organisations better. That is why we require certification so our clients can understand how to appropriately leverage the value of our tools and methods. We take pride in providing a personalised experience from start to finish, including professional and experienced struqtures® instructors, inspiring training facilities, and personal service along the way.


Not only will our certification programmes help you improve individual and organisational performance; they will also challenge and change the way you work with leadership and problem solving in your daily work.


Join us and find out how struqtures® is your fast track to better organisations.

On-site certification


If you have a group (4 or more people) who wish to become struqtures® certified, it is often more cost effective to have struqtures® come to you. We are happy to arrange on-location courses for your convenience.

3 days  - and you are ready

The three-day certification programme allows you to progress from learning the theory behind struqtures® to training how to facilitate high-impact processes on your own.

The programme covers struqtures® fundamentals, basic interpretation, and prepares you to apply the method in practice.

You will also train how to master advanced, dialogic facilitation of explorative and empowering processes at all levels in your organisation.

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