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The organisation is the expert.

Why not enable it to work like one?

...and boost customer focus, performance and employee engagement

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We make consultancy affordable to organisations by developing methods and tools that enable employees at all levels to work as experts with continuous improvement of their organisation.

Affordable. Applicable. Actionable.

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People Driven Business Development

Your organisation possesses the knowledge it needs to become more profitable - but such knowledge is often hidden behind in-grown habits and logics. Imagine how far it could take you, if all the collective intelligence of you and your colleages is activated and translated into continuous, self-correcting efforts and results?

Get the struqtures® certification and the visual toolbox that is used by business advisors, managers and HR professionals to help individuals and teams at all levels of an organisation to make fast, precise decisions and take action on what matters most to customer focus, performance and employee engagement.

struqtures certification

Get a personal license to use the struqures® tools with your business units or your clients.

facilitated processes

Expert-led processes are ideal, when you need a hand and a tailored solution to your project.

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Rely on the struqtures® tools to learn the whole organisation how to continuously improve.


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The Organisation Knows All It Needs to Know

Activate the knowledge and unlock the obstacles that unleash organisational potential

Performance improvements, employee engagement projects and customer focus efforts often run in parallel streams. It does not have to be that way.


  • Imagine, that you work with performance, engagement and customer focus as mutually reinforcing.
  • Imagine, that your organisation can identify where and how to improve performance, engagement and customer focus at the same time.
  • Imagine, that you can involve all employees in your organisation before deciding on what to do.
  • Imagine, that you get a precise picture of your organisation's potential for improvement - across the most essential organisational dimensions.
  • Imagine that you unlock your organisation's collective intelligence in ways that trigger fast action and results.


Imagine, you can do all this all by yourself, in a couple of days and at a low cost....


That is what struqtures® is all about.


Our management meetings kept moving in circles. It was almost predictable where any discussion would start and end. Focus shifted constantly, few decisions were taken, and every fewer were implemented. I am not proud to say this loud.

However, the struqtures® method cut through our perceptions, reduced biases and focused our discussion to concentrate on what mattes most to our organisation's performance. Finally, our managment team aligned and pulled off. Together, we drew up a completely new solution to old, persistens issues - and it was  implemented right away.

Functional Director, Global Manufacturing Company


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